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Cast List – Rats Tales

Name Character Play
  Joe P Woodcutter, Squire Pied Piper, Squire’s Bride
  Xander Prince, Lover Wooden Maria, Stolen Childhood
  Lewis Poet, father, Bridegroom Pied Piper, Squire’s Bride, Stolen Childhood
  Marcus Pied Piper, Stranger, Horse, Father Pied Piper, Stolen Childhood,Squire’s Bride, Invisible
  Hayley Old rat, rat Pied Piper, Lost Happy Endings
  Mason Lame Boy Pied Piper
  Tallulah Narrator The Little Girl
  Tommy Priest, lover Pied Piper, Stolen Childhood
  Cerys witch Lost Happy Endings
  Matthew Politician, horse, King Pied Piper, Wooden Maria, Squire’s Bride
  Mia girl The Little Girl
  Hannah daughter Stolen Childhood
  Clara Teacher, parent Pied Piper, LHE
  Lizzy Mother stolen childhood
  Lucy Cook, parent Pied Piper, Wooden Maria, LHE
  Amy Seamstress, queen Pied Piper, Wooden Maria
  Bronwyn Narrator, girl The Little Girl, Invisible
  Kara Wooden maria Wooden Maria
  Selby Narrator The Little Girl
  Angel Mother, Lass Invisible, Squire’s Bride
  Matt G Servant, lover Squire’s Bride, Stolen Childhood,
  Joe B Boy, lad Invisible,   Squire’s Bride
  Ben Butler, servant Wooden Maria, Squire’s Bride

To find… 2 x townspeople

4 x movement characters in A Little Girl

Lots of rats and children in Pied Piper and Wooden Maria

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