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Cast List All Shook Up

Chad Richard Vickers
Natalie Rosie Pearce
Dean Marcus Wesley
Lorraine Lizzie Lomas
Dennis Ben Birkett
Sandra Hannah Bleackley
Matilda Mia Eckersley
Sylvia Amy Fitzgerald
Earl Joe Buxton
Alex Tommy Chatten
Mike Joe Pearce
Warden William Vickers


Lewis Bell

Rosie Beaumont

Girl Singers Bronwyn Jennings

Lucy Fitzgerald

Hayley Holford

Tallulah Stanmore


Boy Singers James Gittins

Mason Bell

Oscar Eckersley

Oliver Rhodes

Prisoner 47 Harrison Pearce
Bus Driver Luca Davis
Chorus Cerys Griffiths

Clara Jackson

Kara Duffy

Summer Pass

Natasha Henshaw

Harvey Griffiths

Elizabeth Greensmith

Eady-Beau Williams

Maya Hicklin

Evan Willcocks

Olivia Wain

Jennifer Satchwell

Lucy Picken




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Matilda The Musical Jr. 16th - 19th November 2022 at 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee 2.30pm)

Contact Information

Chair: Lorraine House 01260 289525

Membership: Sue Beech 07866 858906

Publicity: Clare McLeavy 07515 713175

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