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Parent Rota – Elf


Below is a timetable of dates of all the Sunday rehearsals.  If you cannot help on the day allocated to you can you please let me know in good time. My number is 07866858906. If you can’t contact me please call Linda Greensmith 01260 280798.  You will be required to keep an eye on the youngsters whilst the rehearsal is going on ( we need at least one adult to be in the rehearsal room at all times). Also you will be asked to run the tuck shop during break time and make the production team cups of tea or coffee, be available if e.g. the wardrobe mistress needs to either measure the children for costumes or to do a fitting, again there should be two adults in the room whilst this is going on. The rest of the time you can sit back and enjoy the rehearsal

Date Place Name Name Name
3rd Sept 2017 Trinity Church Hall Amanda Bleackley Amanda Bell Sue Picken
10th Sept 2017 Trinity Church Hall Angela Vickers Joanne or Steve


Janine Davis
17th Sept 2017 Trinity Church Hall Grace Eckersley Alison Beaumont Natalie Eichinger
24th Sept 2017 Trinity Church Hall Carol Wain Jayne Holford Mrs. E. Hicklin
1st Oct 2017 Trinity Church Hall Shelly Buxton Nichola Gill Stephanie Lively
8th Oct 2017 Trinity Church Hall Tracy Griffiths Heather Pearce Beverley Goodwin
15th Oct 2017 Trinity Church Hall Lorraine Fitzgerald Sara Pass Evette Ryio
22nd Oct 2017 Trinity Church Hall Sarah Rhodes Jannine Jennings Emma Stanmore
29th Oct 2017 Trinity Church Hall Heather Lomas Liza Edwards Elly Williams
5th Nov 2017 Trinity Church Hall Kay Wesley Joanne Wilson Michelle Wilshaw


It is important that we have cover on all Sundays.

With regard to new parents, I have arranged for you to be with a parent who has done the rota before, so help will be on hand to show you the ropes.

The rehearsals the week before the show are on stage in the evening.   I will be asking for help with these nights nearer to the time and then Linda Greensmith will compile the Show Rota.

Sue Beech




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Matilda The Musical Jr. 16th - 19th November 2022 at 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee 2.30pm)

Contact Information

Chair: Lorraine House 01260 289525

Membership: Sue Beech 07866 858906

Publicity: Clare McLeavy 07515 713175

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