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The Witches Audition

Download the Word Document here: witches-audition-pieces

Audition Pieces

We will try to make the auditions as informal as possible.  Please bring with to your audition any props or pieces of clothing that may help with your characterisation.

Remember to always read the lettering in italics as well as the character’s dialogue!

BoyBeginning of Act 1 – Page 1.

——–“A sudden screech of  brakes.  A crash.

——–“Christmas holidays. Winter sunshine. Happy…..”

 To ½ way down Page 2.

——–“Uggggh! It’s horrible.”

Beginning of Act 2 – Page 26

——–“As the lights come up, a mouse scampers in and sniffs around.  It is Boy – the actor dressed as a mouse.  He looks about him.”

——–“(calling) Bruno! Bruno Jenkins!”

 To the bottom of Page 27.

——–“The Grand High Witch gave you the chocolate, remember?”

GrandmotherTop of Page 2.

——–“Grandmother turns to the audience.”

——–“As the days passed, time began to heal the hurt.”

 To the bottom of Page 4.

——–“And last but not least, a witch has blue spit.”

½ down Page 32

———(Declaiming) “For the salvation of the children of England. Action!”

To the top of Page 33.

——–(Fervently) “Good fortune be with you, my darling Boy-Mouse.”


Display WitchMovement only.  A Choreographed role – demonstrating how to identify a witch.

½ way down Page 3.

——–“The Display Witch is seen. She is isolated in a pool of light and looks like an ordinary woman.”

To the bottom of Page 4.

——--“She cackles menacingly and disappears as the lights fade. . . “


Tree-house Witch. –  All of Page 7

——–(“Tree-House Witch enters.  She sniffs, her nostrils flared.  She traces the scent, looking up to Boy, who works on, unaware”)

——–(“waving a gloved hand”)  Hallo, boy.

To the top of Page 8.

——–“The Tree-house Witch calms herself, then leaves, cackling horribly.”


Doorman.½ way down Page 9.

——–“As the lights come up slowly, the hotel Doorman is discovered on duty.”

To the bottom of Page 10.

——–“As you please, Sir.”


BrunoPart way down Page 12.

——–(concentrating on his magnifying glass now)  “Bet my Dad earns more than yours.”

To the bottom of Page 14.

——–“You bet I’ll be there!”

The bottom of Page 22. – Movement only

——–“She (the Grand High Witch) turns her face to Bruno, who reacts with a terrified scream.”

To the top of Page 23

——–“Bruno appears to shrink; his head darts about like a mouse; his hands, like paws, brush imaginary whiskers.”


Bruno  (cont.) –Near the bottom of Page 26.

——–“ Bruno, dressed as a mouse, enters eating a chunk of bread.” 

The bottom of Page 27.

——–“What,her?  The miserable old bat.”



Mr JenkinsNear the bottom of Page 10.

——–“He (the Doorman) opens the door.  Before the Lady can enter, Mr Jenkins squashes rudely through.”

(loudly) Bruno.

To the top ½ of Page 11

——–“(to the lady)” “ Watch it.”

The bottom of Page 44

——–“Where’s that Grandson of yours?”

To ½ way down Page 46

——–“Turn me into a cockroach? I’d like to see her try!”

Mrs Jenkins½ way down Page 12.

(Mrs Jenkins enters carrying a paper bag)


To the top of Page 13.

——–“Ahhhhhh! Mice! Aaaaaaaaah!” – “Runs into the hotel screaming

The bottom of Page 44

 ——–Mr and Mrs Jenkins enter, scanning the restaurant.  They see Grandmother and head towards her.

——–“We reckon he’s up to something with our…”

To the top of Page 46.

——–(approaching with difficulty) My poor baby! Who did this?


Grand High WitchThe top of Page 16.

——–(“The Grand High Witch enters in style to a fanfare.  She mounts the platform. ….

Slowly the Grand High Witch removes her wig and then mask, revealing a wizened, horrible, rotting face.”)   

“You may rree-moof your vigs,…..”

To the top of Page18.

——–“Now vee can get down to business.”

½ way down Page 32.

——–“Vot is this knitting-vool hanging down here?”

To ½ way down Page 33.

——–“Brrreak them, shake them.slash them, smash them!”

——–(manic cackle)


Head Chef & Second Chef – ( to be auditioned in two’s) – ½ way down Page 39.

——–(“the lights come back up on the Chefs.  They unfreeze and start stirring and banging again.”)

——–“Two lamb for table four!”

To the top of Page43.

——–“Off!  Off!”

——–(“Suddenly the second chef’s trousers drop revealing funny underwear.”)





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