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Ticket Leader Board

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Rosie, Joe and Harrison  35

Sophie and Joe Buxton 24

Marcus 21

kate Holland 17

Louise Condliffe 15

Xander Jacques 13

Daisy Mitchell 13

Clara Jackson 13

Kara Duffy 13

Lauren 12

James and Matthew 12

Elizabeth Greensmith 10

Bronwyn Jennings 10

Cerys Griffiths 10

Lucy and Amy Fitzgerald  8

Thomas Chatten  8

Richard Vickers  6

Lewis and Mason 6

Lizzie Lomas 4

Sophie Phillips  4

Jennifer Satchwell  3






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Alice in Wonderland - 11th to 13th May 2023

Contact Information

Chair: Lorraine House


Membership: joincayt@gmail.com

Publicity & Media: publicitycayt@gmail.com

Ticket Enquiries: ticketscayt@gmail.com

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